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Owlbear Cub Jigsaw Puzzle

Owlbear Cub Jigsaw Puzzle

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A puzzle will deliver wholesome downtime for friends and family. Made with high-quality chipboard pieces, our puzzles come in 30, 110, 252, 500, and 1000-piece variations. The 252 and 500-piece puzzles are ideal for children from the age of 9, while the custom 1000-piece puzzle is great for adults. Ships in gift-ready metal boxes for a show-stopping presentation.

Please note: this product is intended for ages 4+ (choking hazard).

.: Puzzle made with Pre-die cut chipboard
.: Satin finish
.: Finished image on the tin box cover
.: 30, 110, 252, 500 or 1000 precise interlocking pieces
.: Uniformly cut non-edge pieces
.: This cpuzzle comes in a white metal tin box




This work includes material taken from the System Reference Document 5.1 (“SRD 5.1”) by Wizards of the Coast LLC and available at The SRD 5.1 is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License available at 

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